DanG (dan_g) wrote,

The Great Diary Project

I was reading a Guardian article about new discoveries about the Mesopotamian Noah's Ark and the historian Irving Finkel;

Thats where I stumbled across The Great Diary Project hosted by the British Museum; http://www.thegreatdiaryproject.co.uk/

I personally think this is a great idea, but I never kept a personal diary. The closest I have is this LiveJournal which was fairly well kept between 2003 to 2011. I would be happy to share this with the project if they wanted it (but I do balk at the idea of printing out all those years of entries). I think social history is great, and seemingly meaningless trivia now may well be lost in the future amongst the volume of information overload.

I contacted them on their site to see if this is something they are interested.

Just in case, as a number of you guys are still about or shifted over to the games, photo's and frivolity of Facebook, you might be interested too.

Watch this space.
Tags: do you want to know more?

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