DanG (dan_g) wrote,

The Accidental Vegitarian

My wife accidentally bought Quorn / Fake meat. No kidding. She truely didn't realise that Quorn was a vegitarian alternative. TBH I know why, While the chinese eat TOFU, they do so mixed in with meat dishes, they dont really 'do' vegitarianism, something about a famine in living memory probably helps with arguement that you eat what your damn well given. She truely didn't realise these were not real meat.

Anyway we ended up with Quorn Falafel, Sausages and 'chicken' bits, all of which has now been consumed, as we eat a fair amount of Tofu (chinese style) this was the first Quorn I have tried. As you all know I will try anything once, and faced with a product I might have simply awalked past on the supermarket shelf, I just shrugged and gave it a go.

My thoughts.

What a waste of time. The chicken bits were OK in a Pasta Sauce with Bacon, but it was a bland tasteless bulking agent, barely noticable amongst the rest of the ingrediients, and as such fared better than the rest. I dont believe these could hold the meal together on their own. I had relatively high hope for the fake sausages, after all real sausages often use bulking agents to help the meat go further, and in the end we cooked both real and quorn sausages together. Taste was OK, but they were too dry. These definately suppered in a direct comparison to the real thing. Then there was teh Falafel. Oh dear. Dry, Bland... it was all the worst accusations laid against meat replacements in a handy bit-sized piece... Like eating sawdust of the bog floor.

If you are a vegitarian hankering after meat replacement then these are NOT going to do the job. Either lear to cook veggies well enough that you dont miss meat, of which there are recepies galore or accept that fact that we are Omnivores and eat meat rather than trying to replace it. Trying to replace meat with a vegitarian alternative seems a bit half arsed like you dont really believe in it yourself. But then I am not a vegitarian so whats my opinion worth...
Tags: food, my opinion, opinions are like arseholes, what a waste

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