DanG (dan_g) wrote,

Mini flood and now a mini infestation...

While the rest of the country seems to be wallowing in floodwater (quite literally) we have had a minor lead in our front window only and blocked drain out back.

The window was discovered on Christmas Eve and just in time to stop it affecting the presents under the tree. So disaster averted. All I have been waiting for is the spring to start so that I can re-seal the outside and inside of the window frame. Although one of the double glazed panes is starting to fill up with water on the inside which isn't right. All things considered this is small fry and I know what to do to fix it back up. And now that we have some nice weather finally on its way... I may even be able to do it.

The blocked drain outside the kitchen is an older problem and a bit smelly. But its not intrusive to the house thankfully and I have the drain unblocker tool to hand although I think the high ground water isn't helping here either... did I mention the smell?

and as of yesterday, we are starting to see Ants. Yay Spring! I think I have ID'ed the entry point in the living room, so need to find a way to put and powder down that wont give the kids direct access to tasting poisonous substances... Cos thats not really ideal either.

Crisis averted!

Tags: around the home, boring housework, crisis, diy, its life jim

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