DanG (dan_g) wrote,

Tick Tock...

So this last weekend the clocks in the UK skipped forward an hour to British Summer Time. And over the weekend that was all fine... A minortantrum and over-excitement on Saturday turned an early night into a late one, but seemed to help st the kids up so that last night was cool and bedtime remained normal.

So far so good.

but that all crashed this morning. As far as I can tell the alarm went off with the clock radio just fine before 7am. but I slept right through s did the wife, and I awoke to find it was 8.10am. Which meant that my wife had misssed her bus and we only had 20 odd minutes to get bot kids up and about including breakkie for the one going to school. Talk about making it by the skin of our teeth. And with my dad dropping everything to come over and take the wife and littlest daughter while I took the eldest in the other direction to school.

Sabotaged by my own body clock. Thats never happened before.

Kudos to my eldest though, who jumped out of bed, and got ready for school with no arguement. Great going for a 4 year old.
Tags: all about me, family, life as we know it, summertime

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